5 health check steps you should know Before deciding to get pregnant

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Physical health examination before pregnancy is an important thing that every mother should not neglect. Because health examinations help ensure that future pregnancies will not have negative effects or dangers to the mother and the fetus. It is also a test for cervical cancer, HIV test, various diseases, along with abnormalities that may occur to women without their knowledge. Let’s take a look at the 5 steps in health check that we have shared as a guideline for mothers. It’s better to plan to have children.

5 health check steps you should know Before deciding to get pregnant

1. Ask the personal history of your mother and husband.
As for the first step, it starts with taking a personal history of the mother and husband. The doctor will start by taking a history about birth control. Illness, congenital disease, taking medicine, surgery, pregnancy history genetic disease Vaccination history, drug allergies, home environment Exercise, sleep, dentistry, raising animals, smoking, drug use. and drinking alcohol, etc.

2. General physical health check
After completing your personal history, The doctor will begin examining your physical health. Both in terms of height, weight, blood pressure, respiratory system, heart system, abdomen, breast and cervical cancer. This is a test that will increase the mother’s confidence in the pregnancy that will not cause any harm. And most importantly, you should be careful about sexually transmitted diseases as well.

3. Blood test to find disease
In this step, blood will be drawn to check blood type compatibility on the part of the mother and husband. along with finding the concentration of blood cells Measure blood sugar levels Check for hidden genetic diseases and check for HIV. In addition, the doctor will perform a urine test, chest x-ray, and immunity test. including rubella, syphilis, and hepatitis B

4. Internal examination with cervical cancer
Internal examination of the mother The ทางเข้า ufabet function of the uterus and ovaries will be checked to see if there are abnormalities or not. It also includes a pelvic and vaginal examination. Because this part of the organ has a direct effect on pregnancy and birth. Importantly, the internal exam is also considered a cervical cancer test at the same time.

5. Additional special inspections in case abnormalities are detected.
As for the additional special examination The examination will be done only if the doctor detects some abnormality in the mother’s body. which will include abdominal ultrasound Or in some cases, an endoscopy will be done to examine the pelvic floor.

A health check before deciding to become pregnant is very important for mothers. At least it can detect diseases or abnormalities that occur in the mother’s own body. It also prevents various dangers. While pregnant as well Anyway, I recommend it to girls. Everyone who decides to have a baby in the future should do a health check.