10 high-sodium foods that risk kidney failure!

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Many people like to cook until it becomes a habit. Ordered noodles and splashed with fish sauce, sugar, vinegar and chili without even tasting it before cooking. Or even the basil rice that is constantly splashed with chili sauce, both on the fried egg and on the rice, although actually the seller has already seasoned the basil in the basil We are consuming more “ sodium ” than we need without realizing it. This will result in the kidneys working harder. Until it can cause kidney UFABET failure. 

10 high-sodium foods that risk kidney failure!

What is “sodium”?

Sodium is a nutrient that helps regulate fluid balance within the body. Helps maintain blood pressure at normal levels. helps in the functioning of the nervous system and muscles It also helps absorb some nutrients in the kidneys. and the small intestine as well

How much sodium does our body need?

less than 2,400 milligrams or equal to 1 and a half tablespoons of fish sauce

10 high-sodium foods that risk kidney failure!

Salty sauces or condiments
such as fish sauce, soy sauce, salt, soup cubes, soup powder, bean curd

Sauces or condiments that have many flavors.

such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, suki sauce

dried food

such as dried shrimp, dried gourami Dried Squid, Sun-Dried Pork

Fermented food

such as pickled mustard greens, fermented fish, soybean paste


such as potato chips (usually sprinkle more salt), fish strips, crispy seaweed, bread, cakes, buns

Processed food, seasoned meats
such as shredded pork, Vietnamese sausage, sausage, sour pork, meatballs, canned food

such as instant noodles, porridge, instant rice porridge frozen bento frozen potatoes

pastry with baking powder
such as cakes, bread, cookies, pancakes because baking powder contains sodium.

mineral water
Because sports drinks often contain sodium. To replace minerals from the loss of a lot of sweat.

red meat
The amount of sodium in red meat such as beef and pork is higher than white meat such as chicken and fish.

However, we do not tell everyone to  “refrain from” eating these foods. If everyone still wants to eat can be eaten for a long time, do not eat regularly for a long time Because in addition to deteriorating kidney health , women know that sodium is That makes us swollen, swollen face is not beautiful I will tell you. can be eaten, but in small amounts If the amount of sodium can be controlled We can eat every day. You don’t have to refrain from torturing your body.