You need to know before playing blackjack cards

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You Must Know Before Playing Cards Blackjack is considered to be another type of card that is very popular in online casino whether it’s Thai or foreign with an easy-to-understand gameplay The rules are not that complicated. Even so, there are still many things that newbies need to understand first. How they play, how they draw, what is card insurance? What are the playing techniques? Which I will take you to know each other in this article.

Words Often Heard in Blackjack

Whether it’s online casinos in Thailand or other countries, one thing that will be used in common is the terminology of blackjack if we do not know here. When he said something and we made a mistake, it would be clearly seen as a young chicken to slaughter. which the UFABET term that is not much that are often heard are as follows:

Black Jack 

refers to the first two cards that can sum up to exactly 21 points: A-10, AJ, AQ and AK, but if A is paired with another card then A is worth only one point.


means to call more cards. or draw more cards so that the total points are as close to 21 as possible

Stand, also known as “stand”,

means not drawing more cards. Maybe it’s because we have already got satisfactory points. or think that if drawing more, it may cause the score to exceed 21, which results in losing our points, etc.

Double Down 

means doubling the stake of the previous bet. Can only be used when the first 2 cards are in the range. Then gradually go to win the 3rd card. If we get more points than the dealer and have no more than 21 points, it is considered winning. The payout rate is 1 : 1.


means to split the cards. Used in the event that we get the first two cards as a pair. In blackjack, the pairs that can be split are only pairs A, A and 8, 8. The dealer will ask us if you want to split it or not. If split, you have to increase your bet and play these 2 cards at the same time.


means betting insurance. This is done only when the dealer reveals the first card and receives an A card. We can decide whether to insure or not. which can only bet 50% of the previous bet If the dealer’s second card is a 10 or a J or a Q or a K which gives the dealer blackjack then we win and get our money back at a payout ratio of 2:1, but if the dealer doesn’t get a blackjack In this way, we will lose the insurance money immediately.