How are blackjack cards?

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To play blackjack cards in online casinos. Most of them are similar to playing baccarat. Where six shuffled decks of cards are put into the bar. Then the cards are dealt to the players. Each card has a different value. If the first two cards that are dealt are pair will affect the decision as shown in the table

Conditions for splitting cards to play through the system online casino. If the first two cards dealt are A and A or 8 and 8. The player can split the cards into 2 suits. If split, the system will automatically call the player bet. At the same time, if there is not enough money in the wallet. The system will automatically fold.

In drawing more cards after splitting. For pairs A, A can only draw 1 additional card per hand, for pairs 8, 8, an unlimited number of additional cards can be drawn until the point is close to 21.

Rules for playing blackjack

  • The player must draw a card that is closest to 21 points.
  • If the player draws a card and the total score exceeds 21, it will be considered losing immediately.
  • The banker side can draw more cards until they reach between 17 and 21 points.
  • The player’s side can draw more cards without referring to the hand points. or you can choose not to draw more
  • If there is no draw in the allotted time The system is automatically treated as an “exist”.

 Techniques for playing blackjack to have more chances to win

In addition to the experience of each person One thing that will give us more chances to win is a little game-changing technique. which are as follows UFABET

  • As soon as the dealer gets the first card as an A, we should always bet on insurance. Because it is very likely that the dealer will get a blackjack card , but there are also some where the dealer may get another card.
  • In the separation of pairs of cards, though , online casinos Some people will allow us to separate only pairs A, A with 8, 8, but if we find anywhere that we can separate every pair, it should always be separated first.
  • The draw should always assess the situation. Sometimes, if the hand has 12-13 points, there is a chance of winning. If we draw more, it is very likely to lose because the points are more than 21 points, but if the cards in the hand are less than or equal to 11 points, they should draw more. Importantly, if a draw is scored between 17 and 21, this one should be “stayed”, absolutely do not draw more.