5 ways to flatten your tummy Effectively vanquish belly fat

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I want to say goodbye to being a girl down the belly Then come back confident in a flat belly, what should I do? If you’re feeling like this Let me tell you that today we have brought 5 methods that help reduce belly to be flat and fat-free that women with belly must try. Guarantee that you will see results clearly. What should I do? Let’s follow and read at the same time.

5 ways to flatten your tummy Effectively vanquish belly fat

1. Cardio
whether in the form of walking, running, swimming or cycling. All forms contribute to the training of endurance and endurance of the lungs and heart. As a result, the heart is strong. and cause the heart rate to increase Therefore, to extract energy from excess fat to use. Reduces fat in different areas, especially around the abdomen

2. Colon detox
How to detox the intestines, ladies can do it by drinking vegetable juice or extracting fruit juices on an empty stomach. Maybe drink after waking up Or you can choose to eat yogurt on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water as well. Because these methods help stimulate the excretion and help get rid of all the waste that is left in the intestine. It is another simple way. That helps make the belly flat that girls must try.

3. Sit- ups
Sit-ups are classified as a way to reduce the abdomen that many people believe to be the most effective. Because sit-ups are known for exercising the abdominal muscles. which when girls have strong muscles or the body has created more new muscles It will also help burn the fat that accumulates in the abdomen.

4. Avoid processed foods, high fat and sugar
Did you know that Thai people have a habit of consuming sugar in very high amounts? On average, up to 20 teaspoons per day ever. This is considered a behavior that exceeds the World Health Department’s standard of not more than 6 teaspoons per day, which puts you at risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and more, in addition to belly fat. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid eating sugary foods. Processed and high-fat foods and turn to eat fresh food and minimally processed or bleached are good for your health and help reduce your belly at the same time.

5. Shouldn’t eat during 3 hours before bedtime.
Lying down causes the digestive system to work less efficiently. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat within 3 hours of bedtime. To avoid potential problems with the digestive system and help prevent belly fat Importantly, it also reduces the risk that may occur with blood sugar levels as well.

In addition to the 5 ways to reduce the belly to be flat without fat that we have mentioned above. There are other ways you can do this, including berries, grapes, legumes, bananas, corn, green tea, low-fat milk,ยูฟ่าเบท and lean protein. Because these foods help burn belly fat. and helps break down the fat that accumulates in the fat cells