Keane slams him and points out why Bruno doesn’t deserve to wear the Manchester United captain’s armband.

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  • Roy Keane criticizes Bruno Fernandes
  • This player doesn’t deserve to be the captain of the team.
  • Erik ten Hag should make a change.
Keane slams him and points out why Bruno doesn't deserve to wear the Manchester United captain's armband.

Roy Keane , former midfielder of Manchester United, a giant club in the English Premier League, has come out to criticize Portuguese star Bruno Fernandes. Not appropriate to wear the captain’s armband for the “Red Devils”

In the latest league game, Manchester United under the leadership of Dutch coach Erik ten Hag performed poorly after being beaten 3-0 at home by Manchester City. After the game, Keane commented that Fernandes , who was just appointed to wear the captain’s armband, should no longer be leading the ufabet team based on his body language on the pitch.

 The former Manchester United player, who now plays the role of a guru, said: “Today after watching him play again. I’m 100 per cent taking him off as captain. I know it’s a big decision. Obviously they changed the captaincy from Harry Maguire, but Fernandes isn’t the captain.

“He is a talented player without a doubt. But what I saw today, as we talked about many times, especially last season against Liverpool, he was always irritated, complaining, whining and swinging his arms around.”

“It’s really unacceptable from what we saw today. I think he should stop behaving like that. You have to start solving problems somewhere. We’re talking about that. Where do you start? Team manager or board, but I’ll start by changing the team captain. Because the manager can do that.

“Fernands is a very good footballer. But in terms of being a team captain He is the opposite of what I want as a leader.”