Chicken fans rejoice after Richarlison used a joke he made to Liverpool mock Arsenal.

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Makes Tottenham Hotspur fans come out to like a lot After Richarlison. Their new signing used a tactic they had done at Liverpool to mock London rivals Arsenal.

Chicken fans rejoice after Richarlison used a joke he made to Liverpool mock Arsenal.
Chicken fans rejoice after Richarlison used a joke he made to Liverpool mock Arsenal.

  New Tottenham Hotspur signing Richarlison has mocked London club Arsenal. After posting a picture of him flirting with Arsenal right-back Ect Ber Bellerin. The Brazilian footballer becoming a fan favorite. Everton employing a similar strategy to the Liverpool players. Richarlison joined Spurs in a deal worth around £60m. During the past week and the Gunners are one of them are reportedly interested in grabbing. The signature of the star player of this footballer. But had to lose to their key rival.

         The forward took to Instagram to mock his rivals club. Post a picture of him facing former Arsenal vice-captain Bellerin. In the picture, Dani Ceballos is seen lying on the ground by Richarlison. The UFABET game took place shortly before the first coronavirus lockdown in February 2020. However, unfortunately for the Brazil international. Everton lost the game 3-2 despite taking the lead in the first minute.

         Spurs supporters have taken to social media to pay tribute to their new hero. Richarlison on Instagram. My Master of Dark Arts. I enjoyed Richarlison’s way to harass Arsenal fans what a wonderful dark art. Ricarlison’s Instagram. He is perfectly Spurs. Arsenal fans got Richarlison gushing Bata from his story. I love this man. Ricarlison attacked Arsenal fans immediately 24 hours after signing. That’s exactly what I want. This is what the fans Tottenham would like to see.

         Richarlison has become a fan favorite. On Merseyside, with his penchant for mocking Everton’s arch-rivals Liverpool. The striker recently mocked the Anfield elite. After they missed the Premier League title on the final day of the season. By posting a picture of the popular meme. Thierry Henry laughs also joked about the fans. The Reds’ side was unable to travel to Paris to watch their Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid. A tweet that went viral and meant something like. An Everton fan has set up a fake bus company under the name ‘Richard Arlison’ (Richarlison).

         which after the transfer of the team is completed The 2019 Copa America winner commented via Instagram video, “Hi, I’m Richarlison. I am very happy to have signed with Tottenham. See you soon Spurs.” Spurs fans are looking forward to building a connection with their new signing player and are expecting social media posts on Richar. Lixon mocking their rivals will follow in the future.