What to do when wearing a “hygienic mask” and “acne-rash” appears?

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Dermatologists point out possible facial skin problems. When it is necessary to wear a hygienic mask

Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dermatology Point out facial skin problems that may occur. When it is necessary to wear a hygienic mask During the COVID -19 outbreak, we are ready to recommend the correct way to wear a face mask. And how to behave when facial skin problems arise from wearing a face mask.

Wash your hands frequently during the "COVID-19" outbreak. You may risk "skin rashes."

How to wear a hygienic mask correctly?

The correct way to wear a hygienic mask is:

  1. The mask should not be too loose or too tight. 
  2. You should choose a face mask that fits snugly on your face. And cover every part of the nose, cheeks and chin. There should be no leaks around the ยูฟ่าเบท mask and skin. Wearing a mask under your nose does not help prevent infection. 

However, wearing a face mask may cause skin problems, such as dermatitis around the ear loops. Facial skin problems caused by irritation and acne problems from skin that rubs against the mask and heat rash, etc.

Facial skin problems after using a face mask

Skin problems around the ear loops 

Skin problems around the ear loops It’s irritation from friction. and sweat as well as facial skin You should choose a face mask that fits snugly, not too tight or too loose. Nowadays, there are devices available to help prevent excessive strain on the ear straps. It is recommended to use additional 

If there is continuous or considerable inflammation You should see a dermatologist. to receive appropriate anti-inflammatory medication 

Problems with skin irritation in areas touching the mask

As for the problem of inflamed facial skin, it is caused by irritation. Especially when wearing a face mask for a long time. In addition, hot weather weakens the skin. and can cause irritation both from touching and rubbing and from the mask coating Wearing a loose-fitting mask is not recommended. Because it will not be able to protect against germs. What you should do is be careful not to sweat a lot. And change the mask when it starts to get wet. 

Recommend using skin care cream for healthy facial skin. You should avoid skin care products that make your face white. Because it may contain ingredients that irritate the skin. You should choose sunscreen and skin care cream that do not contain substances that cause clogging.

Acne problems from wearing a mask

Acne problems caused by rubbing of the face mask on the face and rashes caused by heat It is inevitable. Because the above problem depends on the skin condition of each person. Recommending the use of acne treatment products that are suitable for that person’s skin will help make the symptoms better or less severe.