Chelsea fans believe Lukaku had ulterior motives in choosing Inter shirt numbers

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This made the Blue Lions fans angry. Because they believed their striker Romelu Lukaku had some ulterior motive. In choosing the shirt number to wear during his time at Inter Milan this season.

Chelsea fans believe Lukaku had ulterior motives in choosing Inter shirt numbers

Chelsea fans have revealed conspiracy theories about Romelu Lukaku ‘s new shirt number at Inter. The 29-year-old failed at Stamford Bridge has returned to the club. The Italian on loan earlier this week less than 12 months after returning to Chelsea for £97.5m. Revealed last Christmas that he Unhappy in West London. It was an interview that destroyed his relationship with his fans. Of the club completely

         Inter announced Lukaku’s return to San Siro on Wednesday 29 June 2022, and it was later confirmed that the former Manchester United striker will be wearing the number 90 shirt, which appears to be a selection of numbers . That makes Chelsea fans dissatisfied, some fans accuse Lukaku and the python army mocked them. Chelsea paid a club-record fee of £97.5 million to bring Lukaku back to Stamford Bridge and the Blues. Only £6.9 million has been paid in compensation for Lukaku this season. that is equal to The west London club have lost £90 million as a result of the deal.

          Next season Lukaku will be wearing the number 90 on the back and some Chelsea fans think the Belgian star’s choice of shirt number is an attempt to mock them. One fan said: “Inter Milan gave Lukaku the number 90 shirt to represent the 90 million profit they received from Chelsea. It’s time not to say his name” or “This is a surprising insult.” 

          Another said: “Inter and Lukaku made us feel bad. Now with the number 90 shirt it makes us look like a fool . I’ve never been ashamed about any deal.” On the other hand, fans of the opposing teams enjoyed the parody which is Inter’s masterpiece. Lan and Lukaku like this: “It was said that Inter had Lukaku put the number 90 to represent the profits the club made. This play made me laugh to death.”

          Lukaku, meanwhile, told Inter TV that his return to the club was ‘Like going home’ “Inter has given me a lot. And now I hope to do even better,” he said. “I didn’t even move home when I went to England. Which shows how happy I am to be back here.” Asked again what convinced him to come back, Lukaku said:  “The love of the UFABET fans. and my teammates including the opportunity to work with the coach I have been in contact with him throughout the last season.”